Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics

In 1994, the year MBA CSEA was founded, MBA career services professionals from around the United States met and expressed their frustration and dissatisfaction with the lack of agreed upon and accepted reporting standards for MBA employment data. They expressed the perception that (a) many MBA employment reports were generated primarily as marketing devices to attract students and employers and to attain media-generated rankings, (b) employment reports did not reflect an accurate representation of graduates’ performance in the job market, (c) salary statistics were inflated by inclusion and/or exclusion of certain populations, and (d) prospective students and employers had no valid way of comparing schools one to another.   To address these concerns, the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (formerly MBA Career Services Council) developed the Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics© (Standards).

Owned and copyrighted by MBA CSEA, the Standards represent the business school industry’s conformance to standards upon which peer schools, prospective students and the media rely for accurate and comparable information. Standards provide guidelines for the collection, management, and distribution of employment data.
Since the development of the Standards, it has continued to be a priority for the Board of Directors to address the need to improve the reliability, usefulness, accuracy, global accuracy and comparability of reported MBA employment data.

Click here for the current version of the Standards, version V.

In 2005, MBA CSEA developed a set of Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) to increase knowledge of the Standards and improve interpretation by a diverse audience.

Why follow the Standards?

  • Protect Your School – ensure MBA employment reports are consistent and comparable globally
  • Inform Your Market – provide easy-to-use, accurate information to prospective students, employers and the media
  • Bolster Your Reputation – externally validate that your data complies with the only global, peer-reviewed standards for collecting and analyzing MBA employment data

For questions or concerns about the Standards, please contact our Standards Committee.

“The roots of our organization grew from a common desire to standardize how MBA programs tracked and reported employment data.  Twenty years later, the MBA CSEA has evolved into a dynamic and diverse professional organization, while keeping focused on the core values of our founders through the Standards for Reporting Employment Data”.

-Steve Rakas, Executive Director, Career Opportunities Center
Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon