Standards for Working Professionals and Specialized Masters

The MBA CSEA Standards Committee is working to develop and review the use of Standards for reporting employment statistics for two additional graduate management populations:

  • Working Professional MBAs (AKA Part-time MBAs)
  • Specialized Masters Programs (i.e. Masters in Accounting, Marketing, Management, Information Technology, etc.)
Below is an update on the progress of these initiatives, as of September 2015. If you are an MBA CSEA member and are interested in learning more about or becoming involved with these initiatives, please contact our Standards Committee.

Standards for reporting employment statistics for working professional MBAs (WPMBA):

Actions taken to date:
  • Spring/Summer 2013 - Surveyed the members to obtain feedback on their career services and data tracking for WP MBA and shared the results during a breakout session at the global conference. Members via survey and during session indicated they were interested in establishing standards.
  • June 2014 - Committee developed a pilot survey to capture relevant data that would ultimately be captured by standards. Survey was shared during a breakout session at the global conference and members provided feedback to help frame the survey questions.
  • Spring 2015 – Modified survey was shared with the MBA CSEA Working Professionals Resource Group for feedback and final modifications. Partnering with MBA CSWP colleagues to secure feedback as well.
  • Summer 2015 – Pilot schools are testing the survey with their Class of 2015 graduates.
During the 2015 Global Conference in Dallas, we provided an update on this process and the data that has been proposed for collection from WP MBA students.

Standards for Specialized Masters Programs:

Several member schools have used the Standards for Full-time programs to capture data for their Specialized Masters Programs. We are discussing the implications of this and whether a new set of Standards is needed for this population. We hosted a session at the 2015 Global Conference in Dallas to explore this further and are currently considering the feedback received during that session.