20th Anniversary

2014 marks our 20th year as an organization, and we're excited to celebrate it with all of our current and past members! 

During the past 20 years the MBA CSEA has evolved from a small group of MBA career services professionals in the U.S. trying to standardize employment reporting and be the voice of the profession, to a global leader driving the collaborative exchange of knowledge and innovation for both employers and schools. As we commemorate our 20th anniversary, we take this time to acknowledge and honor our history and celebrate how we became the family we are today.

The Evolution of MBA CSEA
Highlights of our history and significant contributors
Key Milestones
Major accomplishments since 1994
The MBA CSEA Family 
What's your favorite MBA CSEA memory?

What do the next 20 years hold? Get involved and be a part of our future! 

“[At the first meeting in 1994] I was the quiet kid who was self-conscious. But, it didn’t take long to find out that these were some pretty good people who made you feel comfortable. It was easy to get involved.”

Pete League, Human Resource Solutions, MBA CSEA founder