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We regret to inform you that the 2020 MBA CSEA Asia-Pacific Conference has been cancelled. We made the difficult decision due to the widespread global health concerns regarding the coronavirus, as well as travel restrictions that will prohibit our members from attending.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause for you and/or your organization.

Conference attendees received a communication on February 10 regarding next steps for the cancellations. If you did not receive this email or have additional questions, feel free to contact us.


Singapore is much more than the sum of its numerous attractions and the location of the 2020 CSEA Conference! It’s constantly evolving, reinventing, and reimagining itself, with people who are passionate about creating new possibilities. It’s where foodies, explorers, collectors, action seekers, culture shapers, and socializers meet? and new experiences are created every day.

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