APAC Conference: Board Liaison

The Board Liaison to the APAC Conference, provides strategic input and oversight to ensure organizational goals are met. He/she works with the Conference Committee and Executive Director to make sure the Conference Policies, roles and responsibilities are followed, and manages board involvement in the conference as needed.


  • Provide insight into high level decisions, including situations that have long term impact on the organization such as exceptions made to Conference Policies and changes to the Sponsor & Exhibitor payment policies.
  • Review Sponsor and Exhibitor Menu with other conference liaisons and Executive Director before the board votes.
  • Communicate board and organizational goals to the committee and work with the Executive Director and committee members to ensure they are carried through in all conference planning.
  • Obtain regular updates from the committee regarding progress made toward goals and provide input, direction and advice as needed.
  • Facilitate communication between board and conference subcommittees as needed, including:
    • Send the draft budget to the board for approval
    • Obtain board feedback for any major changes to the conference that affect the board's strategic priorities (such as employer engagement)
    • See the Conference Policies for additional items the board votes on and provides input into.
    • Communicate with the committee regarding ideas or suggestions affecting the conference that are brought up during board meetings.
    • Present the board with regular updates about the conference. Brief committee reports are provided verbally during monthly calls. More in-depth updates (one page in length) are provided in writing before each in-person board meeting. 
  • Utilize the APAC Advisory Group to help obtain high-level feedback and fill in gaps not met within the committee. 
  • Participate in regular meetings with the Conference Committee.