APAC Conference: Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant reports to the Executive Director and assists the conference committee in the following ways:


  • Manage conference online registration process. Set up initial registration form. Make changes as needed. Answer questions from conference attendees about registration. Follow up with sponsors and exhibitors to make sure they registered all of their attendees.
  • Audit conference registration list on a periodic basis to ensure participants are registered correctly, paying special attention to make sure exhibitors are registered as such, no students are registered, all breakout session speakers are registered, etc.
  • Reach out to those who have canceled registration to explain the cancellation policy. (see Conference Policies for specific policies). Send requests for cancellations to Executive Director for review.
  • Secure recognition ribbons for conference attendees, including: Sponsors, New Members, Conference Committee, Board, MBA CSEA Volunteer (for all committee members, not just the conference committee), Conference co-chair, Conference Committee Chair, Exhibitor, Past President.
  • Add new members to system (non-members that qualify and S&E that have one year membership included in their package within one week of registration and also upload their info to the Euro and Global Conferences registration system as members. Send all a welcome email, using a different one for S&E.
  • Order conference bags and name badge holders for attendees (note that bags include MBA CSEA logo and sponsor logos, as noted in the prospectus). Work with Marketing Committee for bag design selection.
  • Create files for conference signage, using the master list create by the Executive Director. 
  • Review the printed program during draft stage. Pay attention to typos, grammatical errors, and discrepancies between what is in the Schedule in Smartsheet and what is in the program.
Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • Follow up with registered sponsors and exhibitors to ensure all items and information has been submitted, including logos, advertisements, audio/visual needs, email content for distribution (if included/purchased), etc. If needed, remind them to register additional attendees included in the package. Make sure their registration includes the correct name, email and phone number for the people who will be attending (rather than a place holder). This ensures that the committee can send the S&E Guide to the people who will be there and need the information,.
  • Distribute S&E Guide to sponsors and exhibitors a few weeks before the conference begins.
  • Add Sponsor and Exhibitor logos to Conference Website within one week of them registering.
  • Assist Executive Director with sponsor thank you notes.
  • Maintain a list of items that will be shipped to the hotel to be stuffed in the registration bags, and track in Smartsheet. Work with Exhibitors/Sponsors Subcommittee on logistics of information and items provided by sponsors or exhibitors
  • Add any new S&E contacts to the Master List after the conference.