APAC Conference: On-Site Responsibilities

Committee On-Site Responsibilities

  • President (serving in place of the Executive Director)
    • Serve as MBA CSEA ambassador, greeting attendees, thanking sponsors, and welcoming speakers.
    • Approve any hotel-related changes that involve the contract or have financial impact. MCI representative will assist with this. 
    • Officially open conference during designated time. Thank sponsors and exhibitors and recognize committee members. Hand out committee gifts. 
    • Manage new member breakfast.
    • Capture pictures and information for Executive Director to share on social media throughout the event. 
  • Registration Volunteers
    • Assist at registration desk during designated times. 
    • Check in conference attendees.
    • Hand out nametags, recognition ribbons for name badges and any other pertinent information, such as tickets for the gala. The ED will provide a list of items to be distributed.
  • Room Hosts
    A room host is designated for each session and has the following responsibilities:
    • Serve as a point of contact for speakers, greeting them when they arrive and making sure their needs are met. 
    • Introduce the speaker/session. Note that if the session is a panel, the moderator may introduce the panelists, in which case the room host will introduce the moderator first.
    • Provide 5 and 10-minute warnings to the speakers using the handouts that can be obtained from the registration desk.
    • Make relevant announcements at the end of each session. See the list of announcements in the room host instructions provided by the registration desk.
    • Present speaker gifts at the end of the session. Gifts can be obtained from the registration desk.
  • All Committee Members
    • Write blogs about sessions for Executive Director to publish (committee members sign up for the session they prefer)
    • Take pictures for the Executive Director to share on social media and for next year's event.

MCI On-site Responsibilities

  • Manage registration bag stuffing process. Obtain packages shipped to the hotel that are for attendee bags using tracking information provided by the Executive Director. The Executive Director will provide a list of items to be placed in the bags.
  • Oversee registration process. Provide volunteers with instructions and lists and ensure questions are answered. 
  • Obtain items delivered by the printer in advance. The Executive Director will provide a list of all items ordered and where they should go. 
  • Assist committee with attendee check-in if needed.
  • Serve as primary liaison to the hotel, making sure all logistics are correct and complete including:
    • Attend meetings with the hotel as needed to review and confirm logistics.
    • Review daily banquet event orders for accuracy if needed.
    • Verify rooms are set-up as requested and A/V is correct.
    • Monitor food and beverage at events to ensure attendee flow goes smoothly and food is refreshed on buffets as needed.
  • Assist exhibitors with set-up and tear-down during designated times. See Exhibit Hall layout for table placement. Place each exhibitor's name on their table in advance. Serve as liaison to exhibitors to ensure their needs are met throughout the event.
  • Assist speakers with A/V checks before sessions begin. 
  • Distribute easels and signage throughout the event according to the signage master list provided by the Executive Director.
  • Help manage event schedule and ensure sessions are on time, etc.
  • Assist with financial or contractual decisions on-site if needed. Note: the MBA CSEA President has signatory approval authority for on-site decisions that have financial impact.