Leadership Team

Executive Director

The Executive Director provides leadership, guidance, oversight and historical perspective to ensure planning runs smoothly and that the event successfully meets the organization’s goals.  The Executive Director is a member of the conference committee and leadership team, and should be included in all committee chair/leadership calls and communications, as well as informed of items that will be brought to the board. The Executive Director also serves as liaison among all MBA CSEA committees, assisting with opportunities for cross-committee communication and collaboration when needed.

Overall Committee 
  • Revise conference SOP's, timeline and other committee resources on an annual basis. Train committee members on SOP's and introduce committee tools at the beginning of the planning period, providing reminders as needed throughout the planning process. Answer questions from committee members about the SOP's and other tools.
  • Manage overall conference timeline, making adjustments as needed. Folow up with individual committee members to ensure tasks are being accomplished and provide support as needed.
  • Review and approve overall conference schedule.
  • Work with the Board Liaison to ensure the Conference Policies are followed.
  • Review, approve and sign all conference contracts.
  • Process conference payments (see for payment specifications).
  • Coordinate committee thank you and recognition during the event.
  • Host regular conference calls with the committee to discuss progress and make decisions.
  • Manage volunteer involvment the day of the event, including room hosts and other responsibilities.
  • Manage conference introductions and conclusion.
  • Prepares and distributes post-event evaluation.
  • Leads a de-brief call with the committees after the event to discuss the process and make recommendations for future events.

Virtual Conference Platform
  • Select Virtual Conference Platform (along with conference Board Liaisons).
  • Serve as primary contact to the platform team, communicating deadlines to the committee as needed. Provide deliverables to the platform team. Provide approvals needed, after consulting with appropriate committee members.
  • Work with the platform team to create and approve training documents and videos for attendees, speakers, volunteers and exhibitors.
  • Communicate with speakers and volunteers regarding event responsibilities and platform training.
  • Serve as event and schedule manager during the event.
  • Ensure volunteers are trained on how to use the platform.

  • Manage the relationship with the MBA CSEA Graphic Designer to design the conference logo and and other collateral, with assitance from the committee as needed.
  • Oversee overall conference web site and marketing presence. 
  • Manage conference web site and online registration process (along with the Administrative Assistant).
  • Work with committee to distribute conference promotional communications.
  • Distribute email communications to members and non-members.
  • Work with organizational partners to increase marketing opportunities to non-members.
  • Work with the committee to develop and implement a social media promotions plan. Disseminates conference information through MBA CSEA social media accounts. 
  • Assist with the development of programming session assignments, working closely with the technology provider in order to ensure smooth flow and appropriate utilization of contracted space.
  • Distribute Call for Programs to membership, if needed.
  • Manage conference program schedule.
  • Approve speakers.
  • Purchase speaker gifts, if used.

Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • Captures initial feedback from high-level sponsors and exhibitors in order to assist with the development of the S&E menu.
  • Work with Board Liaisons to develop Sponsor and Exhibitor Menu before it goes to the board for approval.
  • Distribute initial Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors for all MBA CSEA Conferences (if possible, based on timing).
  • Make revisions to Sponsor and Exhibitor contract as needed.
  • Arrange for sponsor thank you notes and gifts, if used.
  • Approve special requests made, including changes to Sponsor and Exhibitor Menu or individual requests made by sponsors or exhibitors.
  • Provide historical information and input into vendor expectations.
  • Help ensure sponsors receive everything promised to them in the Sponsorship Menu.
  • Do twitter and LinkedIn callouts for sponsors.

Networking & Engagement
  • Work with the committees to ensure networking and engagement tools available within the event technology are utilized.
  • Approve new programs and processes for attendee engagement, and ensures cross-committee collaboration when appropriate.

  • Review draft budget before sending to the board for approval.
  • Track conference expenses as approved.
  • Prepare a final financial document with revenue and expense figures after the event concludes.

Board Liaison

The Board Liaison to the Asia-Pacific Conference provides strategic input and oversight to ensure organizational goals are met.

  • Communicate board and organizational goals to committees and work with the Executive Director and Conference Committee members to ensure they are carried through in all conference planning.
  • Provide insight into high level decisions, including situations that have long term impact on the organization such as Conference Policies.
  • Assist with the decision about the conference technology platform, along with the Executive Director and Board Liaisons for the other conferences.
  • Review Sponsor and Exhibitor Menu with other conference liaisons and Executive Director before the board votes.
  • Serve as liaison between the board and committee, providing regular updates to the board about committee progress and assistance needed.
  • Work with the Executive Director to create the draft conference budget for the board to approve.
  • Assist with individual committee responsibilities as needed.
  • Along with the Executive Director, ensure Conference Policies are followed.
  • Present the board with regular updates about the conference.