Program Details

March 12, 2019

9:30 - 10:30 am
Mark Teoh, Deloitte

Millennials Disappointed in Business, Unprepared for Industry 4.0

No group is more crucial to the future of business world than millennials.  However, the emergence of artificial intelligences, social concerns, and turbulent global geopolitical uprisings have created a significant level of angst in this generation of talent. Deloitte’s seventh annual Millennial Survey reveals  provocative insights on Millennials’ negative perceptions of business, corporate ethics, brand loyalty, and  their readiness for Industry 4.0. Mark Teoh leads Deloitte’s Human Capital practice in Indonesia and provides regional support in the areas of organisational design and transformation  serving the key Energy, Resources & Industrials clients in Southeast Asia. This session will provide insights on how schools can better prepare students for the world of tomorrow and how employers can better connect with this generation in order to capitalize on growth opportunities for the future

11:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Pallavi Srivastava, Asia Pacific & Greater China Talent Leader, IBM Global Technology Services​

Artificial Intelligence and HR Analytics: Insights on Innovations That are Revolutionizing Talent Management

The rapid advance of technology is transforming traditional business models across virtually all sectors and work is getting reimagined in the process.  Companies are having to radically revisit their approach to talent.  Human Resources, not historically none for technological innovation, is leading the charge in addressing the workforce for tomorrow.  Artificial intelligence is changing the way companies recruit talent, succession plan, and optimize talent in the organization. Pallavi Srivastava is currently the Asia Pacific & Greater China Talent Leader for IBM’s Global Technology Services.  In this role, she is responsible for Leadership development, organizational and account based succession planning, leveraging talent analytics for defining and executing strategic business initiatives, creating strategies & approaches to transform talent as a future ready workforce. Pallavi will share an IBM case study on how they have leveraged their Watson artificial intelligence platform to transform their approach to talent management.

March 13, 2019

9:15 - 10:15 am
Yinglan Tan, Faculty Member, National University of Singapore

The Future of Education in Asia: An Innovator’s Perspective

Disruption is pervasive across industries in Asia. Traditional players now grapple with a shrinking share of a pie which is increasingly eaten up by new players who harness technologies and provide on-demand and personalised services. In fact, by year 2030, 20 percent of jobs that exist today will no longer be in existence. Much of this change has been driven by technological innovations, but also due to the business opportunities created by incumbent players' failure to satisfactorily fulfil the changing needs of the customer. How does this impact the future of education in Asia? Yinglan Tan is a venture capitalist and a faculty member at the National University of Singapore.  He is the author of three books, including Chinnovation: How Chinese Innovators are Changing the World.  As an investor on the frontline of the Asian entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, Yinglan will give his perspective on how Asian business schools need to evolve in order to prepare students for the future of work and the changing business landscape of the region.