Asian Conference: Sponsors & Exhibitors

The Sponsors & Exhibitors Subcommittee secures sponsors and exhibitors to support the conference financially and manages sponsor and exhibitor participation in the conference once they are registered.
Skills sets: Subcommittee chairs should have leadership qualities, attention to detail and strong interpersonal and customer service skills. Committee members should be comfortable playing customer service roles and making “sales calls,” as well as with having difficult conversations at time, to explain the organization’s guidelines.

The committe responsibilities and outlines are broken down in more details in the subnavigation menus on this page.

Outreach Process
Sponsor & Exhibitor Prospectus Development Process
Exhibit Hall Layout
Sponsor & Exhibitor FAQ's
On-site & Post-event

View the Conference Policies for more information about vendor participation in the conference. 

Vendor Policies from MBA CSEA on Vimeo.