Thoughts from our new President

Newly elected MBA CSEA President Rebecca Cook from Indiana University Kelley School of Business shares her thoughts with the CSEA community...
Hello from your new President! 

I'm Rebecca Cook from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and I'm thrilled to be working with you all over the next two years.  I've been involved in MBA CSEA since I went to the Keystone, CO conference back in 2010.  I had recently joined this field and wasn't sure what to expect when I went to the conference.  I was honestly pretty shocked – but in a good way!  Everyone was so friendly, sharing ideas and helpful suggestions, which was a far cry from my prior life in the investment management industry where no one shared anything with competitors. 

Given the craziness of the past few years – COVID and everyone being remote, the significant hiring spree and now the market uncertainty – organizations where you can share ideas, brainstorm and commiserate together are really important.  Last year, we returned to all in-person conferences, aiming to get our organization back to a more “normal” cadence.  We had great turnouts in Singapore, Barcelona and Washington, DC and it was wonderful to see everyone in 3D once again!  Attendees enjoyed connecting with new friends, reconnecting with old friends and picking up top tips and tricks from fabulous presenters.  Looking ahead, we are excited for all of our upcoming programming and to see you all at our year-round virtual events and conferences in the spring and summer of 2024!

Becoming involved with this organization has truly been one of the best things I have done.  I've made a lot of wonderful connections and friends, learned about the innovative ways our peers are changing our profession, and ALWAYS find new ideas when attending the conferences.  I highly encourage you to get involved through joining a committee, attending a webinar or training session, or jumping in headfirst to take the lead on something. I promise you you won't be disappointed in terms of what you get out of the time.