Thank you to our outgoing President

As Jamie Belinne, Assistant Dean, Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, concludes her second term as President of the MBA CSEA Board of Directors, we wanted to take this time to thank her and reflect on her service and contributions.

As a founder of MBA CSEA, and more recently as President, Jamie has seen the organization through many changes, growing pains and milestones. Her leadership in the past two years has had a tremendous impact on the efficiency of the organization's operations, including:
  • Streamlined board meetings
  • An enhanced focus on governance, including financial, managerial and legal responsibilities
  • The creation of additional board committees for more efficient decision-making
  • Enhanced partnerships with peer organizations, including AACSB and GMAC
  • An increased focus on financial and leadership sustainability

This kind of strategic focus requires a strong leader and continuous focus on results. Below are just a few reflections some of the board members have about Jamie:

"Jamie's enthusiasm is contagious! She clearly knows how to run high functioning teams!!”

“Jamie always keeps us on task and does so with humor and aplomb. Her energy is infectious. She is a great example to all she meets.”
“I feel my one on one interactions with Jamie have been very genuine, she made it easy to connect with her and address any topic. I find her personality and her speeches to be very engaging.From a CSEA point of view, I respect her loyalty to the cause and her audacity to challenge the status quo at the beginning.”
“Jamie is one of the most dedicated MBA CSEA volunteers I've met. She truly cares about the organization in a way that you will never really appreciate until you work closely with her. To have been a part of founding the organization over 20 years ago, and to now be the President is truly a remarkable legacy."

Jamie, we appreciate everything you have done for the organization and look forward to your continued service.