The MBA CSEA Volunteer Experience

Hear from MBA CSEA volunteers what the experience is like, and how you can get more involved!


That quote has never been more true than for MBA CSEA volunteers! Our over 150 volunteers work closely with our staff to manage and execute programs and services for our over 800 members globally. One of the reasons we are able to meet the needs of our diverse membership is through the expertise of our dedicated volunteers who work in the field every day and have their finger on the pulse of the needs of our membership.

Our volunteers enjoy the experience, not only because they are able to give back to the organization and be a part of our voice in the industry, but also because it lets them take their networking to the next level.

Here's what some of our volunteers have to say about the experience:

"Volunteering for MBA CSEA has given me the opportunity not only to network with other professionals in the field, but also the ability to flex my skills in an environment outside of work. I've enjoyed the additional project work and ability to make an impact." - Erika Howe Carter, Campus Recruiter, Chewy

"A number of people advise that the best way to learn a subject is to teach it. Similarly, the best way to learn about an organization and benefit from its resources is to volunteer. Networking guru Keith Ferrazzi believes that people should "lead with generosity." "By giving your time and expertise and sharing them freely, the pie gets bigger for everyone." I decided to serve as a programs committee co-chair for the Miami conference because I wanted to help make that pie bigger. While it takes a lot of work to put a conference together, the experience was very rewarding and I learned so much from all the volunteers" - Mitch Kam, Director, MSM-Finance Program, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

"It all started when I attend my first MBA CSEA conference two years ago. As a good introvert, I don't like networking that much, but I decided to make the most out of the experience: It was truly amazing how passionate and engaged all the attendees were! I had such a great experience, I wanted to give back, contribute, and work with these amazing people. At the end of the conference, the organization asked for volunteers for next year; I didn't have to thinking it twice, I wrote my name in nearly every single committee form! A couple of months later, I was selected as a member of the Sponsor and Exhibitors committee, and it has been an incredible experience! Being involved in the organisation of such a great conference is a great opportunity to strength relationships between peers from different school, and also to sharp your own skills." - Lorena Martinez, Director, International MBA Careers, IE Business School

“Volunteering with MBA CSEA has been a terrific opportunity to work with other MBA career center and recruiting professionals from around the country.  Working with groups of people outside of my usual circle provides a wonderful chance to broaden my scope of thought and network of relationships in the community. “ Jay Brown, Lead College Recruiting Manager, College Recruiting

“I enjoyed volunteering at the MBA CSEA Asian Conference 2018. Not only was I able to have an impact on the content itself, but it enabled me to work with colleagues around the world with whom we shared the same goal: make it a success and support the community. During the Conference itself,  it enabled me to build even more new connections, exchange with like-minded professionals and re-connect with people I had not seen for few years. Being there, supporting and making it our collective, MBA CSEA, success was a massive achievement and lots of fun too!” - Marie Courtois, Director - Career Management Center, Graduate Programs, CUHK Business School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"Volunteering with MBA CSEA has provided me the chance to aid in the growth and progress of a valuable organization, but has also served as an incredible networking and professional growth opportunity. Being on a committee made attending the conference even more special as I could see the contributions made by myself and other members really come to life." - Hannah Sullivan, Talent Solutions, northhighland

"Volunteering for the MBA CSEA Global Conference Committee has been beneficial on many levels. It's helped me to build my network so I now have colleagues across the world I can reach out to for brainstorming and best practices.  It's been a tremendous professional development opportunity because it's allowed me to build my leadership, project management and teaming skills.  And, lastly, but possibly most importantly, it's been a lot of fun, and I highly encourage everyone to consider volunteering with MBA CSEA! - Ann M. Blasick, Corporate Relations Manager, MS Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Get more involved!
MBA CSEA has several committees and other opportunities to volunteer, such as managing an online community or writing a blog. Click here for a list of committees.

If you're interested in volunteering, the first step is to complete a Volunteer Form. This can be accessed by logging in to your member account at and selecting "Volunteer Form" on the left side of the page. You will be contacted to learn more about the committee you are interested in, as well as other volunteer opportunities.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Executive Director.