In an interview at the AI for Good Summit 2018, Kriti Shama, Vice President of Saga AI talks about research done among the young where 75% of the respondents were skeptical about AI. Kriti Sharma gives three interesting reasons:

  1.  AI is not inclusive; respondents believe that you need to be a rocket scientist to be in the AI movement.
  2.  AI is not creative; you have to sit behind a computer all day writing code
  3.  Education systems are not equipping them with the skills they need.

I was inspired by this interview as I am part of this 75% who is pretty skeptical about AI. That is why I am very curious how Kriti Shama can convince me on the CSEA conference in Berlin on how we can bend these obstacles to embrace AI. My intention for the conference is to not only listen to new trends and but try to figure out how to be involved into the AI movement. Especially the last reason is where we as business schools can play an important role. What do we need to change in our classic way of education to get our students ready for the new world? What can we do right now?

Another interesting speaker on the conference will be someone who is looking at the future is Ade McCormack, Founder, Digital Readiness Institute. He will be talking about new ways of leadership and how new technologies is shaping our work right now and in the next ten years. He is a master in looking back in history and making connections with the future on how this affects leadership, as we know it. He will ask you the question: “Are you a leader or are you a talent?” What the difference is, you can find out on the CSEA conference.

Are you future-proof and ready to join?

CSEA conference - 8 - 10 April 2019

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