How undergraduate career services supercharge their case interview prep and keep costs down

Enguerran Loos, Founder of CaseCoach, provides insight and advice for MBA case interview preparation.

With recruitment targets down due to increased staff retention, low staff utilization, and large cohorts of returning interns, this year's competition for top consulting jobs and selective strategy roles will be particularly tough.

Career Services will need to rise to the challenge and supercharge their case interview preparations. But that costs money and most business case schools already organize case prep boot camps and are not in a position to spend more.
In recent years, many undergraduate services have adjusted to the growing need for case interview preparation without the resources of their MBA counterparts. MBA Career Services can learn from and implement the proven solutions that are already in use.
Prominently, undergraduate services have turned to online solutions. Last year, the London School of Economics prepared nine hundred students for case interviews with an online platform. Lizzie Darlington, their Director of Career Services, said that they're “giving students a solution that they can trust and access at any time, at a fraction of the cost of in-person boot camps. [The students] spend on average nine hours on the platform and report strong interview outcomes."
Undergraduate programs, as well, often complete this provision with coaching delivered right before the interviews, to push their most promising students even higher. Claire Gaudissart, the head of Career Empowerment at ESSEC, said that they “partner with experts in competitive fields such as consulting, who provide individual coaching and small group workshops to [their] most self-driven and promising students to empower them to go from good to great."

Technology and remote learning offer the opportunity for MBA career services to refocus expensive “live” resources where they can make the most difference. With students ready to embrace remote learning, there is no better time to do it.

Enguerran Loos, Founder of CaseCoach