2020 Accolades

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Virtual conference
  • Organization with the most conference participants:
    University of Washington, Foster School of Business
  • Most attended conference sessions:
    • Global Conference:
      Conference Opening and Voices from the Field panel with business school deans and employers
    • European Conference:
      Navigating the Crossroads - What we need for volatile times
    • Asia-Pacific Conference:
      How Organizations Can Remain Distinctively Human in Today's Technology-Driven World
  • Member who attended the most conference sessions:
    Ellen Bartkowiak, University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business and Ellen Coaching
  • Top discussion in the community discussion section:
    What are your day 1 takeaways and feedback?
  • Top poster in the community discussion section:
    David Ohrvall, MBACASE
  • Member with the most points for engagement:
    David Ohrvall, MBACASE
  • Member with the most engagement in the Virtual Exhibit Hall:
    Corey Rodriguez, University of Arizona, Eller College of Business

Online community
Thanks to these members for being the most active in our online community!
  • Kelly Collins, University of Houston, Bauer College of Business
  • Barbara Sidwell, University of Colorado Denver, Daniels College of Business
These posts were most popular in the community:
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