VMock democratizes career readiness through AI

VMock, an AI-powered platform accelerates careers by mapping each candidate's skill gaps to a career plan and connecting candidates with targeted opportunities that can narrow the skills gap.
Currently, VMock has 250+ leading Global educational institutions on board serving 1.7 million 
students and career coaches. VMock SMART Career Platform is trusted to be the one-stop
solution to empower career acceleration and growth. VMock is a game-changer in the space of
career development and enables career readiness among students with industry-leading career
guidance, real-time skill assessment, and career planning that helps them take their careers to
the next level. VMock is powered by an artificial intelligence engine that provides personalized
recommendations for each user and provides a holistic view of their career profile. It equips
students to begin their career journey, from crafting and enhancing resumes to optimizing
LinkedIn and preparing for interviews to help evaluate skills and career paths.

Natalie Bloom from the University of Michigan says, “As a sophomore at the University of
Michigan, on the hunt for the perfect summer internship, I found that having a pristine resume
is a necessary tool for success. VMock allows me to analyze my strengths and weaknesses, and
enhance all of my qualities. With VMock's multiple features, I was not only able to improve my
resume but aim for perfection. When applying for an internship or a job, a resume is the first
thing that speaks for you. I found VMock is the best tool to help make my voice heard through
the paper.”

The platform provides endless opportunities for career coaches and streamlines the whole
process of supporting students' career advancement. It enables more productive and
meaningful conversations not solely related to resumes but also about career guidance and job

Mark Presnel, Executive Director, Northwestern Career Advancement Center says, “ Using VMock
we have been critiquing enough resumes that in an academic year that it equates to a full-time
position. VMock has not only allowed us to maximize our advising time but also reach students
who didn't use our services earlier. While we're still going to discuss the resume, we can begin
talking about how to find internships, how to find jobs, and how to find opportunities rather
than taking the full thirty minutes on doing the resume review.”

Working with 4000+ Career Coaches, we have realized that ‘VMock acts as a Career Accelerator
and is essential to develop the skills, knowledge, and attributes valued by employers, so
students can transition successfully to the workforce and manage meaningful and sustainable
work throughout their careers.

Leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to leap ahead in your
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