The Rise of Virtual Interviewing and its Impact on Business Schools

Learn more about virtual interviewing from our recent research, and the perspectives of our membership.

In our most recent Recruiting Trends survey, 78% of schools noted that employer use of virtual interviewing techniques has increased for their full-time MBA population within the past year, with 61% noting an increase for specialty masters students. This isn't surprising, given the overall increase in the use of technology in the recruitment process. But, what is the overall impact on career management and recruitment?
The reasons for the increase are pretty clear: the technology has improved vastly in recent years, and programs like Zoom or Skype are readily available, user-friendly, and have little to no cost to users. There's also the additional savings in travel time and cost, allowing recruitment teams to use their resources more efficiently.
Student reactions have been mixed though, with many schools noting that their students still prefer face-to-face interactions. There is a perception for some that if a company doesn't invest the resources to come to campus, they may not be as interested in them as a candidate. This may give a competitive advantage to companies that still conduct campus interviews in some cases.
Students have also expressed apprehension about the interviews themselves, as it can be difficult to assess how they are doing during the process without face-to-face feedback.
Many students like to visit the office where they will be working so they can see the environment and meet the people they would be working with. This is still happening in many cases, as companies are using virtual interviews as an initial screening before an in-person company visit takes place.
Despite these reservations, the overall impact seems to be positive. The convenience and cost savings allow more people within the company to be involved in the hiring process, which can ensure a better screening and candidate fit. Companies are also able to expand their reach to schools they may not have recruited at in the past, which affords more opportunities to students – especially for those at schools that are located in a smaller metropolitan area, or have a small student population.
Schools have also observed increased participation from students who are not on campus during the day (part-time and online students, for example), as well as easier access for job-seeking alums. Even some students who were reserved about the concept in the beginning are realizing the advantages now, particularly when it comes to convenience and flexibility.  
The true impact will be seen in the next few years as we continue to look at hiring trends. But for now, virtual interviewing appears to be here to stay!
What's happening on your campus, and within your company?


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