Call for Proposals: 2024 Conferences & Virtual Programs

Showcase your organization and your expertise while adding value to the CSEA community as part of our 2024 Conferences and Virtual Programs!

Asia-Pacific: March 11 - 13, 2024 | Hong Kong
EMEA: 21 - 24th April, 2024 | London
Global: June 25 - 28, 2024 | Portland, OR
Virtual Programs (webinars and round tables): Ongoing

Have you successfully implemented a new program or service to meet the unique needs of students/candidates? Does your team have a new philosophy or approach that has lead to success? We’d love to hear from you! We welcome employers* and career services professionals* who are planning to attend our 2024 conferences to submit a proposal to share best practices during a concurrent breakout session, or to present during a virtual program (webinar or virtual round table). 

We are seeking proposals that:
  • Contain content that is innovative, cutting edge, and relevant to new as well as seasoned professionals.
  • Include topics that are practical and actionable, with meaningful takeaways for attendees. 
  • Maximize opportunities for interaction, Q&A, and discussion among colleagues. 
Specific topics of interest to our membership include:
  • Job market volatility
  • Tech sector hiring
  • Student and employer engagement
  • AI in career services and recruiting
  • Job opportunities for international students (in all geographies)
  • Candidate fit
  • Job offer timing and reneges
  • Employment data collection best practices
  • Doing more with less
  • DEI in career services and recruiting
Topics that are applicable to and contain actionable takeaways for both our school and employer audiences will be given priority. 

Speaking slots use the following timing:
  • APAC Conferene: 1 hour 
  • EMEA Conference: 1 hour and 15 minutes 
  • Global Conference: 1 hour
  • Virtual Programming: 1 hour

Proposal Submission Process

Select the button below to submit a proposal.

To view a list of items on the proposal form before submitting, click on the name of each event or program below:

APAC Conference
EMEA Conference
Global Conference
Virtual Programs

Proposal submission deadlines:

  • Asia-Pacific Conference: January 12, 2024
  • EMEA Conference: 2 February, 2024
  • Global Conference: February 23, 2024
  • Virtual Programs: Ongoing

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*Vendor Policies

A vendor is any company that has products or services to sell to MBA CSEA school or employer members, whose target audience is our membership, and/or primary business is the career services or recruitment marketplace. If a company does not qualify for school or employer membership, it is likely considered a vendor. Service providers, consultants, headhunters and third party recruiters are considered vendors.

Based on feedback from conference participants and a desire to ensure equitable treatment of all vendors, MBA CSEA implements the following Vendor Policies:
  • At conferences, vendors can present during breakout sessions only (not as a keynote or plenary session speaker). They can also present during a webinar/round table throughout the year, which are managed by the Virtual Programming Committee. 
  • Vendors must co-present with a school or employer member, and that member must submit the proposal to speak through the Call for Proposals systems. Sessions with a vendor as the primary presenter will not be considered. The school or employer must serve as the primary presenter for the session, with the vendor providing supplemental information to enhance the topic being presented.
  • The session must be entirely educational/value-add. There must not be any product pitches (explicit or implicit). The vendor may mention their company name as part of their bio and to establish their expertise, but the company should not be mentioned in any way at other times during the session. 
  • The session cannot focus on or promote the vendor's product or service. Participants must be able to gain knowledge and takeaways from the session even if they aren't able to use the vendor's product or service. The vendor's participation in the session should be to provide value and share expertise, but not to talk about their product or service. The school or employer presenters should not focus the session on how they use the vendor's product or service (this is an implicit product pitch). Examples of implicit/implied product pitches include, but are not limited to:
    • A school or employer demonstrating how they use a vendor's product or service (even if it's in the context of an educational component).
    • A school or employer presenter mentioning the products or services they use, other than as an FYI or during a session specifically designed to discuss products and services (with no vendors present). 
    • A vendor mentioning who their clients are (this provides an implied endorsement by those clients). 
    • A vendor demonstrating their product or service as an example of what they do, even if this includes an educational component. This includes a vendor who is a professional speaker providing participants with a sample of a session they deliver to students for a fee. 
    • A request for feedback about or participation in a vendor's product or service. 
  • At conferences, vendors who present a session must register as a sponsor, exhibitor, or affiliate participant. 
MBA CSEA reserves the right to deny future attendance to any companies that violate the vendor policies. If you aren't sure if a component of a session follows the policies, please feel free to contact us