Certifications Committee SOP's

The Certifications Committee enhances the professional development needs of MBA CSEA members, providing additional programs that cannot otherwise be found in the marketplace while creating revenue opportunities to enhance other organization-wide programs and services. To achieve those goals, the committee:

  • Maintains up-to-date benchmarking information regarding industry best practices and certifications offered by other organizations.
  • Surveys MBA CSEA leadership and members as needed to gauge professional development needs that can be met through certification programs.
  • Implements short-term certificate programs as deemed necessary by the committee and approved by the Board of Directors, with the long-term goal of creating a more formal certification program once the organizational resources are available.
Committee deliverables are the annual Career Services and Recruiter Boot Camps. Additional operating procedures for each event can be found through the navigation links on the top left side of this page.

The committee utilizes online collaboration tools to keep track of progress, access files and manage tasks.

Roles & Responsibilities

Executive Director
  • Oversees all of the organization’s committees and communications
  • Serves as a liaison among all MBA CSEA committees to ensure ongoing communication and coordination of activities.
  • Approves committee and leadership roles.
  • Serves as a a member of the committee and the leadership team. Should be included in all committee and leadership communications, as well as informed about any items that will be brought to the board for consideration.
  • Schedules committee meetings.
  • Works with the Board Liaison to develop the draft committee budget and present it to the board for approval.
  • Participates in all leadership decisions, providing approvals as necessary throughout the planning process.
  • Manages logistics for boot camp events (virtual or in-person), including technology, room selection, audio/visual needs, etc. 
  • Serves as technology lead for virtual events, including serving as Zoom host, managing Q&A if needed, managing breakout rooms, creating polls, etc.
  • Walks through committee SOP's with volunteers on a regular basis, answering questions as needed. Updates and approves changes to the project plan, timeline and SOP's as needed.
  • Distributes communications to the membership on behalf of the committee.
  • Approves all committee and initiative expenditures before commitments are made.
  • Hosts debrief call and leadership transitions
Board Liaision to the Committee
  • Keeps the board informed about committee progress. Brief updates are provided during monthly meetings, with a more in-depth (one page) report provided at each in-person board meeting (twice per year).
  • Works with the Executive Director to create the draft committee budget and present it to board for discussion and approval.
  • Informs the committee about board strategic goals and initiatives.
  • Manages any additional communications needed among the committee and the board.
Committee Co-Chair(s):
The Certifications Committee may have chairs or additional members that work on the long-term aspect of the program such as benchmarking other certifications and identifying new programs. When this is not the organization's primary focus, committee chairs may not be needed as all volunteer efforts are funneled through the boot camps.

Boot Camp Chairs
See the sub-navigation menu for more information about the role of each chair.

Executive Assistant
  • Manage Boot Camp registration web site. Audit registration list on a regular basis. Answer questions from members about registration.
  • For virtual events, set up virtual software in advance of the event and assist with technology the day of. 
  • For in-person events, assist with on-site check in as part of the conference check-in process. 
  • Design digital and hard copy certificates and distribute them to attendees after the event. 
  • Help create quizzes and administer completion statistics. 
  • Take attendance at events.