Certifications Committee SOP's

Introduction and Goals

The Certifications Committee was created by the MBA CSEA Board of Directors in an effort to enhance the professional development needs of our members, provide additional programs that cannot otherwise be found in the marketplace, and provide revenue opportunities in order to enhance other organization-wide programs and services. To achieve those goals, the committee:
  • Maintains up-to-date benchmarking information regarding industry best practices and certifications offered by other organizations
  • Surveys MBA CSEA leadership and members as needed to gauge professional development needs that can be met through certification programs
  • Implements short-term certificate programs as determined by the task force and approved by the Board of Directors, with the long-term goal of creating a more formal certification program


Deliverables vary from year to year based on the needs of the membership, with the following focus for 2020/2021:

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Board of Directors
    • Approves all new programs and yearly task force plan
    • Approves task force budget
  • Executive Director
    • Oversees all of the organization’s committees, task forces and communications
    • Serves as a liaison among all MBA CSEA committees and task forces to ensure ongoing communication and coordination of activities.
    • Approves committee and leadership roles.
    • Serves as a a member of the committee and the leadership team, and should be included in all committee and leadership communications, as well as informed about any items that will be brought to the board for consideration.
    • Participates in all leadership decisions, providing approvals as necessary throughout the planning process.
    • Manages logistics for boot camp events (virtual or in-person), including technology, room selection, audio/visual needs, etc.
    • Walks through committee SOP's with volunteers on a regular basis, answering questions as needed. Updates and approves changes to the project plan, timeline and SOP's as needed. 
    • Distributes all communications to the membersthip on behalf of the committee.
    • Approves all committee and initiative expenditures before commitments are made. 
    • Hosts debrief call and leadership transitions.
  • Board Liaision to the Committee (may also be a Committee Co-Chair)
    • Keeps the board informed of committee progress. Brief updates are provided during monthly meetings, with a more in-depth (one page) report provided at each in-person board meeting (twice per year)
    • Presents draft committee budget to board for discussion and approval
    • Informs committee regarding board strategic goals and initiatives
    • Manages any additional communciations needed among the committee and the board. 
  • Committee Co-Chair(s):
    • Leads regular committee meetings (monthly meetings are recommended, with email updates provided in between meetings). An agenda should be distributed in advance of each meeting, and minutes should be taken during the meeting and distributed shorterly after the meeting concludes. 
    • Works with the Executive Director to select leadership roles.
    • Works with the Executive Director to establish committee oster and ensure volunteers are engaged.
    • Communicates with boot camp chairs as needed in order to ensure progress is being made, timeline is being kept and goals are being met
    • Works with the Executive Director to establish an annual timeline and project plan for all committee initiatives. The Executive Director will approve and update the timeline in the project management software (Smartsheet).
    • Work with the Executive Director to keep track of finances, ensuring budget goals are being met.
  • Boot Camp Chairs
    See the subnavigation menu for more information about the role of each chair. 

Task Force Tools

The organizatoin provides committees and task forces with a number of tools to assist with executon of deliveralbes: