Leadership Toolkit: Committee Tools

MBA CSEA utilizes several tools and resources to maintain consistent and efficient committee work.


OneDrive is used for document storage and historical archives. Committee members are given access to a folder that contains the documents needed for their committee work. OneDrive should be used exclusively by all committee members for official lcommittee documents, which also allows for collaboration and real time editing. Committee leaders should encourage committee members to utilize this tool exclusively for file storage. If you do not have access to your committe's folder, please contact our Executive Director.


Smartsheet is used as a project management and timeline tool for all committees. Projects/tasks are entered individually in an online document that resembeles a dynamic spreadsheet, and a committee member and deadline is assigned to each task. Committee members receive reminders from Smartsheet when deadlines are approaching. Smartsheet can also be used for lists, tracking and other purposes as needed. Committee leaders/members should contact the Executive Director with a request to create a document  for committee use (note: do not create a document using your free Smartsheet account. You will not be able to share it with others without paying a fee).  Committee leaders should encourage committee members to use Smartsheet for project management, timlines, list sharing and other intended purposes. If you do not have acess to your committee's workspace in Smartsheet, please contact our Executive Director.

View the video below for a quick walk through of each of these tools.


OneDriveSmartsheet from MBA CSEA on Vimeo.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The SOP's are one of the most important and useful tools for committee and task force chairs to help explain the roles, manage expectations, and stay on track  regarding progress. SOP's are updated annually by the Executive Director, with input from commtitee/task force members and leadership. Policies are developed by the Board of DIrectors, with input from committees. If you have any questions about the SOP's, or policies please contact our Executive Director.

Each committee's SOPs are provided at the beginning of the committee's work and also referenced in every meeting invitation and agenda throughout the year. The Executive Director provides a walk-through of the SOPs with committee members at the beginning of the year, as well as half way through. Committee members should be encouraged to consult the SOPs with questions about expectations and responsibilities, and to reach out to the Executive Director with any questions.

The Importance of SOP's and Policies from MBA CSEA on Vimeo.