Committee Resources

CSEA provides our volunteer leaders with a number of resources to help ensure they are successful in their role.


CSEA utilizes the assistance of part-time consultants to help direct and manage the work of the association, providing critical institutional knowledge and day-to-day management of activities.
  • Executive Director - provides committee/task force oversight and management, and manages all other consultants
  • Administrative Assistant – provides assistance to committees/initiatives as needed and noted in the SOP's
  • Standards Consultant – assists the Standards Committee with responding to the membership
  • Bookkeeper – pays invoices and answers questions regarding payment
  • Event Consultants – each conference utilizes a consultant/company to assist with site selection and serve as liaison to the hotel, ensuring the organization’s needs are met and that budget is maximized. The Global Conference uses Connections (Marc Bronitt), the European Conference uses Gwen Manach, and the Asian Conference uses MCI Events.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

The SOP’s serve as a critical tool to describe the role, responsibilities, scope and expectations for each committee/task force. They answer common questions about the work that is done, providing historical information to assist with decision-making. The documents are managed by the Executive Director and reviewed once per year, with input from the committee/task force members and leadership. Committee/task force chairs (including subcommittee chairs) are responsible for ensuring committee/task force members understand and follow the SOP’s, and that questions about processes and procedures are brought to the Executive Director. 

The Importance of SOP's and Policies from CSEA on Vimeo.


Board Policies

The Board creates policies as needed in order to support the committees and provide uniformity. These include the Conference Policies (for example, how vendors may participate in the conference), financial policies and volunteer requirements. The Board Liaisons community board policies to the committees. Policies assist committee chairs with answering frequently asked questions from year to year, as well as take the burden off of making difficult decisions.



Smartsheet is used as a project management and timeline tool for all committees. Projects/tasks are entered individually in an online document that resembles a spreadsheet, and a committee member and deadline is assigned to each task. Committee members receive reminders from Smartsheet when deadlines are approaching. If you do not have access to your committee's workspace in Smartsheet, please contact our Executive Director.

Smartsheet Demo Video


CSEA utilizes OneDrive for document storage and historical archives. Committee members are given access to a folder that contains the documents needed for their committee work. All committee documents should be stored in OneDrive, which also allows for collaboration and real time editing. If you do not have access to your committee's folder, please contact our Executive Director.

OneDrive Demo Video
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