Conference Policies

Updated December 2021
These policies serve as an organizational tool for all MBA CSEA Conference committees to maintain consistency and uniformity from year-to-year and across all conferences. They are developed with input from previous conference teams and have been adopted by the Board of Directors.  This document supersedes any prior revision to December, 2021. Note: Any exceptions to the Conference Policies are rare and must be approved by the Board Liaison for each conference and Executive Director.

Conference Decision-Making

Decisions made by the board with input from the conference committee:
  • Changes to the Conference Policies
  • Conference location, dates and format (virtual vs. in-person)
  • Conference budget (including registration fees)
  • Policies regarding joint ventures (i.e. sponsor discounts for multiple MBA CSEA conferences in the same year)
  • Policies regarding affiliates and organizational partners (i.e. reciprocal agreements).
  • Sponsorship and Exhibitor menu

Decisions made by conference chairs and Executive Director:
  • Conference subcommittee chair and volunteer selections
  • Individual decisions that may arise during conference planning, which vary by year/event
Decisions made by the conference committee (including the conference chair(s) and Executive Director):
  • Conference presenters and speakers. (other than keynote speakers, which are vetted by a subset of the board to ensure broad relevancy and strategic relevance).
  • Conference theme
  • Entertainment and activities 
  • Other items as specified in the Standard Operating Procedures. Note, there are points of review and/or approval needed from the Executive Director, as outlined in the SOP’s.
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