Conference Policies: Registration

  1. One-day registrations are offered at all in-person conferences for one of the days that has full programming (the gala event is not included unless payment is made separately). The rate is available for all participant types (school, employer, vendor/affiliate). The cost will be 50 – 60% of the overall conference registration rate for each member type, as determined by the board each year. One-day and individual session rates for virtual conferences will be determined as needed based on the current environment.
  2. MBA CSEA conferences are designed to meet the needs of career services representatives and employers. Students may not attend the conference unless they are invited to speak as part of a breakout session, panel, etc. They are able to attend for the session in which they are speaking only.
  3. Non-member conference registration is intended for schools and employers who, based on MBA CSEA membership criteria, are not eligible for membership, or for those who are eligible for and considering membership. Vendors, affiliate members and other companies who are soliciting for paid services from members are required to pay exhibitor fees or register as an affiliate participant in order to attend the conference. See the Vendor Policies for more specific details about participation.
  4. The Asian and European conference committees may strategically allocate up to five complimentary full conference passes to employer attendees for in-person conferences. The companies receiving the passes must be brand new to MBA CSEA (not having been a member or attended an Asian or European conference before). Parameters will be set and approved in advance by the conference leadership (Executive Director, Board Liaison, Conference Co-Chairs), and may include factors such as: employers who indicate they would like to attend, but cost is a factor; employers whose presence will likely attract other companies to the event; employers who agree to promote the conference among their employer networks. Approval must be provided by the Conference Liaison and Executive Director before each complimentary pass can be offered. Additional liberties may be provided for virtual events depending on the individual situation.