Programs & Services

The services we offer, what we do and how we operate are driven by our members and needs in the marketplace. Regardless of the challenge you are experiencing or initiative you are creating, we are sure to provide a resource that will assist you.

Annual Conferences ~ Our annual conferences in Asia, Europe and North America are the best opportunities available in the graduate business career services and recruiting space for learning and networking. The events feature world class keynote speakers, member-led breakout sessions and ample networking opportunities. 
Webinars & Virtual Round Tables ~ Members participate in ongoing virtual learning and benchmarking throughout the year with our complimentary online webinars. Topics range from collecting and analyzing MBA employment data to teaching students how to use social media in their job search to enhancing your corporate brand on campus. 
On-Demand Professional Development ~ Members can access archived webinars and event information through our Document Library, for professional development at your convenience.
Resource Groups  ~ Resource groups allow members to connect on a deeper level and dive into specific, niche topics with their peers in areas such as employer relations, recruiting, specialty masters coaches and career center leadership.
Research and Trends  ~ Our monthly member surveys annual recruiting trends survey gauge the impact of the job market on our member institutions. We also provide in-depth benchmarking surveys to provide specific benchmarking information about operational data such as staff salaries and programs used..
Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics  ~ The Standards allow business schools to analyze and report employment data in a consistent, accurate and comparable way. 
Employment Data Analysis and Comparison Tools  ~ Schools provide employment data into our system, which allows for peer school benchmarking and aggregate data analysis for both schools and employers.
Online Community  ~ Members can use our online community to participate in discussion groups on topics related to their unique situation. Topics include recommendations for products and services, building new programs and employer/school partnerships.
Member Directory  ~ Members and member organizations can have a profile in our directory, allowing for one-on-one connections as well as institutional research and benchmarking.
Buyers' Guide  ~ Our affiliate member profiles serve as a searchable Buyers' Guide to help school and employer members when they are in the market for a new product or service.
Job Board ~ Our job board provides an easy way for member institutions to advertise internal positions within their team. You don't have to be a member to apply for a job, but only members can post jobs.
Awards and Recognition ~ Our annual awards program recognizes members and non-members who are conducting outstanding work contributing to our organization and profession.