Global Conference: Marketing Local Employer Engagement

One of MBA CSEA's most important strategic goals, as indicated by our membership, is to increase engagement of employers within the organization. Local members of the marketing committee help accomplish this goal by working with employers in the areas surrounding the conference to communicate the ways they can be involved in the event, including:

  • Participation as a conference attendee
  • Speaking in a breakout or plenary session (work with the Programs Committee to determine the need and make referrals)
  • Sponsorship (work with the Sponsors & Exhibitors Committee to make referrals)
  • Utilize local opportunities to promote the organization to employers. Potential activities include:
    • Coordinate a half day pre-conference promotional event at the conference hotel or another local space to introduce new employers to the organization and the conference. Work with Connections to secure space in the hotel, or use an off-site location if preferred. Work with the Executive Director and Professional Development Committee to coordinate programming and timing for the event.
    • Place ads in local areas that will be seen by employers, such as local chapters of SHRM. 
    • Sponsor a career fair or advertisement through a local school. 
  • Work with members in the local area and the Executive Director to put together a communication plan for local employer outreach about the event. Send the plan to the Executive Director for review prior to implementation. The plan may include, but not be limited to:
    • Regular email communications (the Executive Director should review the communications before they are distributed in order to ensure consistent branding)
    • In-person discussions with companies that come to campus
    • Social media posts targeting local companies and organizations
    • Phone call outreach
    • Please ads about the conference on school web sites that are accessed by employers
  • Develop a list of local area employers to use for outreach, and send to the Executive Director for overall organization-wide communication collaboration.
  • Collateral and suggested talking points for employer outreach can be found in OneDrive.