Awards Committee: Nominations Process

The Awards Committee works closely with the Executive Director to communicate with the membership about the nominations process in the following ways:

  • Announcements are made about the opportunity to nominate colleagues during all conferences - by the President, Awards Committee Chair (if applicable) and Executive Director.
  • Award descriptions and past award winners are maintained on the website on an ongoing basis. Instructions for completing a nominations form are added to the web site when nominations are open. 
  • Information about awards descriptions and the nomination deadlines is sent to all members via email at least semi-annually (more often while the nominations are open). The Awards Committee generates the content for the emails, and the Executive Director sends them to members.  
  • When nominations are open, the Executive Director posts announcements on the web site, in social media and in monthly e-newsletters. Committee members post information in the online community. 
  • The Committee Chair sends an announcement to the Career Center Leaders list (obtain the list from the Executive Director).
  • An Awards Committee member who is on the board encourages board members and other committee chairs to consider nominating their committee members.
The Executive Director creates the Nominations Form through the MBA CSEA survey software. The form includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • MBA CSEA Mission/Goals
  • Deadline dates, nomination date, committee member contacts for questions
  • Name of the nominator, school/company, title and email address  (self-nominations are accepted)
  • Name of the nominee, school/company, title and email address
  • Description of the contribution and the impact made (250 words or less.)
  • Optional: Signatures of others that support nomination or letters of recommendation