Awards: Selection Process

The Executive Director compiles the nominations received through the Nominations Form and provides them to the committee for review. The Awards Committee discusses each nomination and makes award decisions based on how well the nominee meets the criteria for the award (see Awards Descriptions). The following guidelines are used during the selection process:

  • The nominations form is reviewed against the criteria in the award description. If needed, additional information may be requested from the nominator, or from the chair of a particular committee the nominee participated in.
  • The nominee's qualifications are compared against past award winners in the category, in order to ensure consistency in application oif awards criteria. 
  • Committee members are welcome to complete award nominations, with their contribution to the nominations process being within the nomination. When the nominations are discussed, committee members who completed the nominations will not participate in the discussion.
  • Having worked closely with all committees throughout the year, the Executive Director provides feedback on each nominee’s contributions.
  • The committee reviews their final recommendations with board members who are not impacted by the nominations, requesting their feedback. 
  • All nominations will be considered, but it will be up to the committee to determine if awards should be granted. The awards committee has the final say on award selection. Each award need not be granted every year.
  • Well-documented notes will be kept regarding the rationale for granting awards.  This documentation will be retained by the MBA CSEA Executive Director and referred to each year when the nominations are reviewed, along with a list of past award winners and their contributions.