Awards: Distribution & Recognition

All awards except for the Visionary Leadership Award consist of a custom designed, framed certificate with the awardee’s name and award name, signed by the Executive Director and President. The Visionary Leadership Award is a flat, engraved award obtained from an award/trophy shop.

The awards are presented at the APAC, EMEA or Global Conference, depending on the region in which the award winners reside.  If the Awards Committee Chair is present, he/she presents ths]e awards at a time designated by the conference committee and Executive Director. If he/she is not present, a representative will give out the award (President, Executive Director, etc.) Awardees need not be present. If the awardee is not present at any conference, the Awards Committee chair arranges for the certificate to be mailed to the awardee. The Executive Director also provides awardees with a pin to wear at all conferences. The Awards Committee chair sends a letter of recognition to the awardee’s supervisor(s) after the award is distributed.
Award winners are also profiled on the MBA CSEA web site and on social media. Their names are also added to the comprehensive list of award winners that is updated on the web site each year.