Virtual Programming Committee: Leadership roles

Executive Director

  • Oversees and is a member of the committee.
  • Is included in all leadership and committee communications and committee debriefs.
  • Is consulted about anything the committee will be bringing to the board.
  • Distributes membership surveys to gauge programming needs, if used. Shares previous member feedback with the committee to help guide programming.
  • Distributes committee-related communications to the membership, including event announcements.  Shares information about events through organizational social media platforms. 
  • Approves event dates and times, ensuring there isn't a conflict with other organization events. 
  • Sets up event logistics within the virtual platform. 
  • Assists with presenter outreach and management as needed. 
  • If needed, leads a dry run with presenters in advance of webinars. 
  • Manages all technical logistics during events, including logging in early to set up presenters, muting participants if needed and managing the recording. 
  • Serves as liaison among all MBA CSEA committees, assisting with opportunities for cross-committee communication and collaboration when needed. 

Administrative Assistant

  • Sets up event registration within the MBA CSEA web site. Answers questions from the members. Audits registration list when needed, such as when an event is open to a subset of the membership. Obtains headshots and 100-word bios from webinar presenters to include on the web site.
  • Sends a reminder email with login details to event registrants the day before the event. 
  • Serves as a back-up for the Executive Director to manage the technology during the event as needed. 
  • Assists with presenter outreach and management as needed.

Board Liaison

  • Serves as an additional resource to ensure the board and committee are working closely together.
  • Communicates the board's strategic goals to the committee on a regular basis, and ensures they are accomplished. 
  • Is a member of the committee and is included on committee communication and leadership calls.
  • Provides regular committee reports to the Board of Directors, and communicates feedback from board meetings to the committee as appropriate.
  • Submits the committee's budget requests to the Treasurer each year.

Committee Chair/Co-Chairs

  • Hosts regular meetings with committee members to update progress and make decisions.
  • Keeps the Executive Director up to date on committee progress in between meetings, as needed. 
  • Sets and distributes an agenda for committee meetings, with input from the Executive Director as needed.
  • Ensures that minutes are taken at the meetings and distributed in a timely manner after the meeting has concluded (Note: the co-chairs are encouraged to delegate this responsibility to one or more committee members).
  • Assists with follow-up with committee members as needed to ensure tasks are accomplished.