Conference Policies: Contracts & Finances

  1. All conference contracts must be reviewed and signed by the Executive Director. When possible, a minimum of two weeks will be allowed for contract review. Reference the Conference Contracts document for additional required items.
  2. Signed contracts or MOU’s (memorandum of understandings) are required in writing (email is accepted) for the following situations:
    1. Paid speakers
    2. Speakers addressing the full assembly (keynotes, plenaries - see definition below)
    3. In-kind sponsorships or partnerships valued at $5,000 and above for which any services or materials are produced for the conference
    4. External vendors or venues providing services related to transportation, entertainment, education or any activities that are organized by the conference committee for conference attendees that are over $500.
  3. All conference expenditures must be approved by the Executive Director. When possible, a minimum of two weeks will be allowed for payment processing, particularly for large dollar amounts.
  4. Any significant changes to the conference budget must be approved by the Executive Director and Board Liaison. 
  5. Whenever possible, invoices will be paid to vendors in full upon receipt of products or services. A deposit may be made and/or a credit card given in advance, but the full payment should not be made until the products or services have been received.
  6. Vendor contracts will be signed by both parties (MBA CSEA and the vendor) before being considered final.
  7. All conference attendees, sponsors and exhibitors are required to pay for their attendance/sponsorship prior to the conference. Individuals with outstanding balances not received upon arrival at the conference will be required to provide proof that payment has been initiated or pay on site with a credit card unless previous arrangements have been made through the Bookkeeper.