GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey

CSEA partners wth GMAC for the annual Corporate Recruiters Survey. The survey provides a snapshot of the current employment landscape, gauges employer demand for MBA and master-level business graduates, and offers insights into hiring practices and trends across industries and world regions. Click here to view the summary results from previous surveys.

We encoruage all of our member schools and employers to participate in this important initiative. Schools have two options to participate:

  • Option 1. Schools provide GMAC with a list of employers that recruit and hire students from your business school. GMAC will then send the employers the survey.
  • Option 2. Schools administer the survey directly to the employers that recruit and hire students from your business school using a unique URL that GMAC provides.
Employers participate by completing the survey when they receive it, either from CSEA, GMAC, or from one of the schools at which they recruit. 

Schools are typically asked if they will participate in December/January, and the survey is typically distributed to employers in February. If you have not received information about this, please contact us


Benefits to Career Services Offices/Business Schools

  • Access to the interactive data report, which allows you and your colleagues to view custom slices of data with our easy-to-use interface;
  • A customized benchmark report to compare the aggregate of the employers who recruit and/or hire your students to the aggregate responses of five competitor schools of your choice; and
  • An advance copy of the summary report before it goes public.


Benefits to Employers

  • Participants gain access to the interactive data report where they may benchmark their hiring practices with other employers.