Certifications Committee: Career Services Boot Camp

MBA Career Services Boot Camp attendees include those who are new to the MBA career services profession (i.e. have been in the profession 18 months or less). If held in person, the Boot Camp is typically scheduled a day and a half prior to the Global Conference. If virtual, the event takes place one a week over the course of seven weeks. 

The event's goal is to provide:

  • Networking and connections with fellow MBA/Masters in business Career Services professionals at a variety of schools
  • A comprehensive beginner training applicable to new MBA/Masters career services staff members in all functions – coaching, employer relations, professional development/career education, operations
  • An understanding of the key skills sets and competencies needed for success in MBA/Masters career services
  • A foundational overview that could be followed by deep dives later for greater skill building and certification
  • Exposure to best practices that are applicable regardless of type, size or location of school

Attendees receive a hard copy and digital certificate of completion at the end of the event after completing a quiz.

Individual Roles

Note: Reference the Certifications Committee SOP's for additional leadership role descriptions, including the Executive Director and Board Liaison to the Committee.

Boot Camp Chair(s) 
  • Work closely with the Executive Director and Board Liaison to ensure organizational goals are fulfilled throughout the event.
  • Ensure event budget is closely managed, sending all expenditures to the Executive Director for approval before committing.
  • Host regular meetings with Boot Camp volunteers and speakers throughout the year. An agenda should be distributed in advance of each meeting, and minutes should be taken during the meeting and distributed shortly after the meeting concludes. 
  • Communicate with the Executive Director surrounding event logistics, such as room location, A/V set-up, food and other details depending on the event format (in-person vs. virtual).
  • Follow up with individual committee members to ensure tasks are completed on time. 
  • Work closely with the Executive Director to create a targeted marketing plan and communication timeline
  • Draft marketing communications to promote Boot Camp to MBA CSEA members and non-members. The Executive Director will send the communications through the organization's communications system. 
  • Draft content to send to the Executive Director for the Boot Camp registration web site.
  • Select Boot Camp presenters (all presenters must be vetted by the Executive Director before outreach is made). Previous year's presenters are typically approached before new presenters are selected.
  • Create a PowerPoint slide (title slide and one internal slide) for speakers to use in course development.  
  • Maintain continuous contact with each speaker throughout the planning process to ensure timeline is being managed and responsibilities are fulfilled.
  • Review all content for consistency, accuracy, continuity and redundancy. 
  • Confirm speaker travel information prior to the event (if in person).
  • Create questions for a quiz for attendees to pass in order to receive the certificate. Software to manage the quiz will be selected by MBA CSEA staff. Speakers will typically create the questions based on the content they will deliver.
  • Send the Executive Director information needed to create the online registration form, such as questions attendees should be asked in advance of the event.
  • Create a resource guide and handouts for participants to use on-site or virtually.
  • Work with the Executive Director and conference sponsorship committees to identify sponsors for the Boot Camp. The sponsor prospectus will be approved by the board based on overall financial goals and conference sponsorship options.