DEI Task Force SOP

As a global organization, MBA CSEA recognizes and appreciates all differences among members who make up our community and welcomes what diversity brings to the organization, our leadership, Board of Directors, staff, committees, volunteers, members and partners. Diversity in representation and perspective requires us to ensure all ideas and opinions are heard, respected, valued and embraced. This leads to an organizational culture that is stronger, more accepting, understanding, and supportive, both for MBA CSEA and for our member institutions.

The DEI Task Force's goal is to look at the organization from a diversity and inclusion perspective, including what we could/should be doing differently to be more inclusive. In doing so, the task force will look from both an internal and an external lens. Internal includes MBA CSEA as an organization and how we operate in terms of our, committees, programs and services. External includes the institutions our members work for (universities and companies), how they are operating, and the extent of influence we might have on them.

To the extent possible, the task force will include a diverse representation of MBA CSEA members, including: member type (school vs. employer), gender, race, ethnicity, geographic location and other factors. 

The task force is chaired by the Executive Director and meets once per quarter with additional email discussion in between meetings as needed. Specific tasks vary depending on the needs of the organization and task force discussions, but may include:

  • Member surveys
  • Recommendations for DEI programming/activities
  • Feedback about DEI-related initiatives being considered by the board or committees