Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity encompasses every characteristic, background or group that shapes our view of the world, perspective, and approach. Diversity is also about recognizing, respecting and valuing differences and similarities and can be extremely powerful, constructive, and positive.

As a global organization, CSEA recognizes and appreciates all differences among members who make up our community and welcomes what diversity brings to the organization, our leadership, Board of Directors, staff, committees, volunteers, members and partners. Diversity in representation and perspective requires us to ensure all ideas and opinions are heard, respected, valued and embraced. This leads to an organizational culture that is stronger, more accepting, understanding, and supportive, both for CSEA and for our member institutions.
We strive to embrace and harness the differences and similarities that bring us together to work towards a greater good, and we encourage and inspire our member institutions to do the same.

Taking action

Every individual and organization is in a different place in their diversity journey, and the important thing is that we are moving forward and making progress for the greater good. As business schools and recruiters, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to shape the future of our industry and our society through advancement in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. CSEA aims to make strides in our own journey while providing our members with resources, tools and forums to assist with their individual and organizational path. DEI is not a one-time event or idea, but a mindset to be incorporated into the fabric of everything we do. To that end, CSEA provides the following opportunities for members:
  If you would like to get involved in one or more of these initiatives or have additional ideas for us to consider, please feel free to contact us.