Employment Data System

MBA CSEA 's Employment Data System uses a custom-designed survey system to allow schools to enter their aggregate employment data for full-time MBA, part-time and specialty masters programs. The system allows schools the ability to view three types of dashboards: individual school-level data that the school entered, benchmarking data that compares the school with data entered by peer schools (for some programs), and an aggregate dashboard that combines all school responses. Data in the aggreate dashboard report is not identifiable by school, and provides important industry trends.

We encourage all member schools to enter data in order to contribute to the validity and completeness of the aggregate report, as well as utilize the other dashboards. Data entered also helps our Standards Committee when revisions are made to the Standards.

Typical Data Entry Timeframes

  • Full-time MBA program data*: December - January
  • Part-time MBA program data: February - March
  • Specialty Masters program data: March - April

Steps for Data Entry

Schools are asked to identify a primary contact for data entry for each program time (full-time MBA, part-time MBA and specialty masters). When each survey is open for data entry, the primary contact will receive an email with a link to enter your data. All premium school members will receive a notification as well. Once your data is entered, you will receive additional instructions about how to access your school reports/dashboards.

The system is straightforward to use, and several explanatory webinars were hosted to introduce the new platform and explain its key features so that members are able to upload their data as quickly as possible.  Visit the Document Library to view recordings of the webinars. Members can also contact Mark Peterson, MBA CSEA Employment Data Analyst with questions about the survey, or Derek Walker, MBA CSEA Standards Consultant, for questions about the Standards.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the system. Thank you, in advance, for participating in this important MBA CSEA member benefit!
*The Full-time MBA program survey open window is driven by some of the external recognition provided for schools who elect to be eligible for a Standards Compliance Review. If your schools is not able to upload their data during that window, and you would still like to be eligible for a review, or to request a deadline extension, please contact us.