FAQ's about the EDS

CSEA provides member schools with an online system by which they can enter aggregate employment data and generate individual school and benchmarking reports. We transitioned to a new, custom-created survey within Qualtrics in the fall of 2019. 

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When was the EDS launched?
CSEA has been collecting employment data from member schools since 2009. The current system launched January, 2020. 

When is each survey available?
The Full-time MBA Program survey launched in January 2020; Specialty Masters in April 2020, and Part-time MBA in May 2020. In future years, the goal is for the survey launch t more closely coincide with the Standards data entry time period (Full-time MBA in November, Part-time MBA in December and Specialty Masters in February).

Is the current EDS similar to the previous system that was used in collaboration with AACSB?
Similar to the previous system, the current system captures aggregate-level data from member schools. The output also includes Standards-compliant reports based on the data entered by the school. The data entered into this system is only seen and utilized by CSEA and member schools, and is no longer a part of the larger Business School Questionnatire (BSQ) within AACSB's system. 

AACSB is continuing to collect data through their BSQ. What are the differences between the MBA CSEA and the AACSB surveys?
AACSB has collected employment data through their BSQ for many years (predating the collaboration with CSEA prior to this year), and they are continuing to do so. For more information about how the data you provide to AACSB will be used, you can contact AACSB at: datadirect@aacsb.edu.

The CSEA survey requests Standards-compliant data, and is only for CSEA members. 

Can my students enter their data into the system individually?
The current EDS does not provide a student survey option. This means schools will need to identify an external solution to capture employment data directly from students. There are multiple vendors that provide student survey solutions (view vendors that participate in our Vendor Standards Compliance program), and some schools create their own intenral system as well. Please contact us if you need assistance finding a student survey solution.

Is providing data to the system required by CSEA?
We encourage schools to provide data in order to take advantage of the benefits. However, it is not required.

How do I enter my data into the system?
Member schools will receive instructions for how to enter your data into the system via email. If your school does not receive instructions, please contact us.