EMEA Conference: Event Assistant

Pre-event responsibilities

  • Conduct research into potential hotel sites using criteria provided by MBA CSEA. Manage and attend site visit to assist with hotel selection, if needed and feasible within budget.
  • Negotiate hotel contract to reserve sufficient hotel and meeting room allocations at competitive rates to meet the requirements of MBA CSEA and attendees, and maximize budget.
  • Arrange meeting space and catering options according to the schedule provided. Work with conference committee and Executive Director to ensure needs are met. Note: The Executive Director must approve any changes that involve the contract or result in a financial commitment.
  • Serve as primary liaison with the hotel, providing the committee with information as needed. The following items are obtained from the hotel at the beginning of the conference planning:
    • Food and beverage menus
    • A/V price menus and a price estimate based on typical usage (inquire if easels are flip charts as well, or free standing), which rooms will need microphones
    • Shipping address and instructions (including a plan for how to separate items shipped to vendors vs. those shipped to MBA CSEA through labels, etc.)
    • A floor plan for the exhibit hall
    • Signage requirements and signs provided by hotel (digital and other).
  • Provide assistance and support during the planning process.
  • Provide Executive Director with reminders regarding hotel obligations and deadlines, including deposit due dates and room night reductions. Note that an invoice is needed at least two weeks in advance of any deposit due dates. 
  • Provide Executive Director with regular hotel room pick-up lists beginning in January.
  • Liaise with hotel to ensure an efficient and high quality event.
  • If needed, liaise with attendees to assist with their hotel bookings.

On-site responsibilities

  • Attend pre-conference meeting and walk-through with the hotel to ensure MBA CSEA’s needs are met.
  • Assist committee with registration desk as needed.
  • Assist vendors with exhibit set-up and support.
  • Check meeting rooms to ensure proper A/V set-up and support, in conjunction with the hotel.
  • Coordinate any additional onsite logistics as needed, coordinating with the hotel to ensure they are fulfilling their obligations with regards to room set-up, A/V, food and beverage, etc.
  • Initiate chimes to serve as a warning five minutes before each session (note: the hotel will sometimes do this on our behalf).

Post-event responsibilities

  • Obtain final hotel room pickup report and provide it to the Executive Director.
  • Assist with final bill reconciliation if discrepancies arise