European Conference: Marketing Collateral

  • Assist the Executive Director and Designer with development and design of the conference logo, web/email banner and printed program design. The Designer will direct the process and solicit the committee's assistance and approval. The ED communicates and manages the relationship with the designer. 
    • The logo is the same design for all three conferences, with different colors selected for each conference. The marketing chairs for each conference come together to select the logo design, after capturing feedback from their respective committees. The logo design complements the MBA CSEA logo, incorporating one or more design elements. The logo is drawing/text only (no pictures). The colors selected for the conference logo will be used throughout the conference branding for each conference. Colors should be selected that represent the conference theme, local area, and the overall feel that the commtitee wants to convey for the event. 
    • The web/email banner uses photos or other images selected by the committee that represent the conference theme and/or location. In order to be as efficient as possible, the committee should provide specific information regarding the types of photos/design desired at the beginning of the design process. If specific photos are desired, they should be provided at the beginning. A consensus should be obtained from the commtitee before any feedback or direction is provided to the designer.  
    • The printed program design cover uses the same images/design as the web banner.
  • Assist the Executive Director and Designer with the content and production for the printed program. Make recommendations for changes based on previous year’s feedback. Serve as program editor to ensure consistency and clarity across pages. Utilize the Conference Program Styling Guide as a resource. 
  • Select conference bags. The Administrative Assistant will provide options for the bag selection and color, to be selected by the committee.
  • Assist with organizing the production of conference printed materials. Note: some signage is typically provided by the venue. The Event Assistance will provide this information. Signage is coordinated as follows:
    1. The Executive Director creates the draft master signage list, based on what has worked well at previous events and any changes needed for the current year. 
    2. The Marketing Committee Chair sends the master list to all committee co-chairs for review. 
    3. The Executive Director and Marketing Co-Chair review any additional signage requests, taking into consideration the signage provided by the hotel, historical knowledge, as well as budget.