European Conference: Marketing Communications

  • Conduct outreach and promote conference to MBA CSEA members, expired members and prospective members. Develop a list of non-member schools and employers for outreach. Work with Executive Director to coordinate and follow a communications plan that includes the following:
    1. Regular emails to all MBA CSEA active members, as well as to expired members in the European Region. The Marketing Committee develops the promotional email content and sends it to the Executive Director for distribution. Communications should be targeted toward both schools and employers, providing individual content when needed (such as when the programming is promoted). Additional targeted emails should also be developed for other membership segments, such as specialty masters programs. 
    2. Phone calls and individual emails to prospective employer attendees in the European Region Develop a list of target employers, and work with others on the conference committee to conduct personal outreach. Sent the list to the Executive Director for organization-wide communications collaboration. All members of the conference committee are encouraged to invite employer contacts to the event, in order to expand the organization's reach. 
    3. Social media. Work with the Executive Director to develop and implement a plan using the organization’s social media channels, as well as committee member channels (note: the ED distributes the content through the MBA CSEA channels). The social media plan should include, but not be limited to the following: programming announcements, (with speakers tagged as appropriate); blog posts on topics written by conference speakers; quotes from committee members and past conference attendees about their experience; pictures, videos and other information to promote the local area. Most social media activity should take place in advance of the early bird deadline, in order to maximize impact on attendance.
  • Work with Executive Director to ensure the organization’s overall brand is consistent and displayed throughout all conference communications.
  • Send ED initial marketing content for conference web site, including theme and promotional text.