European Conference: Sponsors & Exhibitors Exhibit Hall Layout

The process by which the tables are set up within the Exhibit Hall is an area where consistency is important in order to ensure the ends of our financial supporters are met in an equitable way. The following process helps ensure this is done consistently from year to year, and conference to conference.

  1. The final deadline closes for all sponsors/exhibitors to register. The final deadline is typically after the advertised deadline, in order to provide sponsors with additional time to register if needed. The deadline is determined by the committee and the Executive Director, based on the overall timeline and a desire to communicate information to our exhibitors in a timely manner.
  2. The final number of tables is determined based on the final registration counts, including any complimentary tables and CSEA tables (check with the Executive Director to confirm).
  3. Gray Dawes Group requests an Exhibit Hall layout document from the hotel (in PDF or jpg), with an indication of where each table will be located.
  4. The Executive Director determines where any CSEA tables will be located, based on the number and purpose of those tables as well as the layout overall.
  5. The S&E Committee reaches out to companies in order of priority for table selection, and sends them the layout so they can select their table. A deadline is given to them with a quick turnaround, to ensure their response is received promptly. The order in which they are contacted is outlined in the sponsorship prospectus, and is typically as follows:
    1. Organization-level sponsors
    2. High level Conference sponsors
  6. Once the priority sponsors have selected their tables, the other tables are assigned by the committee in order, based on the following criteria:
    1. Conference sponsors, in order of contribution amount for the current year
    2. Conference exhibitors, in random order (taking into consideration not placing competitors next to each other)
  7. Gray Dawes Group and the Executive Director review the layout, noting any exceptions or potential issues.
  8. The layout is finalized and sent to the exhibitors, with a note that booth assignments cannot be changed on-site. The timing of sending this would ideally coincide with the distribution of the Sponsor & Exhibitor Guide.