Sponsor Prospectus Development

The Sponsor & Exhibitor Prospectus, which provides a list of the packages available for purchase and what is included in each option, is put together  based on feedback from a number of different groups. MBA CSEA aims to create a prospectus that is equitable, consistent, and provides our financial supporters with the branding and engagement opportunities that they value. In an effort to remain equitable and consistent throughout the process, the prospectus cannot be changed once it has been approved and distributed. The committee is not at liberty to make changes to the prospectus, or to provide custom packages. The development process is as follows:

  1. Feedback is gathered conference participants regarding how they like to interact with vendors and sponsors during the conference.
  2. Feedback is gathered from the previous year’s sponsors and exhibitors about their experience, what worked well for them and changes they recommend.
  3. Feedback is gathered from the previous year’s S&E Committee leadership regarding recommended changes for the next year.
  4. The Board liaisons for each conference, along with the President and Executive Director, create the draft prospectus taking into account the feedback received, as well as the strategic direction of the board.
  5. The draft prospectus is sent to current year’s S&E committees and conference chairs for feedback.
  6. The prospectus is vetted and approved on by the board.
  7. Once this happens, the prospectus is final for that year. Any changes would need to be recommended for the next year.