Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • Provide input into the Sponsor and Exhibitor prospectus/menu before it goes to the board for approval. Note: the only packages that can be purchased are the ones in the prospetus. We are not able to create custom packages or alter the items in each package.
  • The Executive Director will send the Call for Sponsors & Exhibitors. Once that is sent, reach out to companies on the vendor list individually to see if they would like to participate. Note that first right of refusal is offered based on previous contribution levels. the Executive Director will provide additional guidance about this.
  • Keep track fo communications and outreach through the Master Vendor List in Smartsheet. Once a company confirms their participation, add them to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Tracking document and note which package they would like to purchase.The Administrative Assistant will note in the same document which companies have registered and follow up with them from that point.
  • Identify additional vendors that have not been involved with MBA CSA in the past but might have an interest in participating, and conduct outreach to them. Add their contact information to the master list.
  • If needed based on the technology platform, develop incentives for conference attendees to engage with the exhibitors such as games and prizes.