The MBA CSEA Family

To many of our members, MBA CSEA is much more than a professional organization - it's a family. Many people gain lifelong friendships through the relationships they develop within the organization.

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Thoughts about MBA CSEA from some of our early leaders:

  • Jamie Belinne, University of Houston, founder
  • Karen Dowd, University of Rochester, early member and attendee at first meeting
  • Ken Keeley, formerly with Carnegie Mellon University, incorporator
  • Tom Kozicki, University of California, Irvine, incorporator and attendee at first meeting
  • Dottie Mattingly, formerly with American Airlines, first employer member
  • Paul Poissant, Penn State University, early member
  • Barry Shiflett, formerly with Florida International University, chair of first standalone conference
  • Cynthia Shore, University of Buffalo, incorporator and past President

"The MBA CSEA has been a constant in my professional life, a source of collegiality, deep friendships personally and professionally."

Karen Dowd
, University of Rochester, attendee at the initial discussion in 1993