Flash Surveys

MBA CSEA flash surveys take a quick pulse of our members on a topic of interest. View the results here!

  • Job Offer Renegs
    Over the past year, did your school experience an increase in renege activity, and if so, do you have a policy for students regarding renegs? (posted May, 2019)
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  • Pre-MBA Internship Offers
    In 2018-2019, did you see an increase in the number of pre-MBA (before arriving on campus) internship offers? (posted April, 2019)
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  • Internship Recruiting Timelines
    Does your school offer on-campus recruiting for internship-seeking students? If so, what shifts have you seen in employers wanting earlier access to talent? (posted January, 2019)
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  • International Students
    Within the past year, has your school brought on additional staff to support the changing needs of your international student population?
    (posted December, 2018)
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  • Full-time MBA Program Early Recruiting
    Tell us about your experience with Full-time MBA Program Early Recruiting. (Posted November 2017)
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