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Monday, June 24 

12 - 5 pm (& Tuesday, June 25, 8 am - 12 pm)

New! MBA CSEA Inaugural Career Services Boot Camp
This pre-conference event is designed for individuals who are relatively new to the MBA career services profession.
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Tuesday, June 25

2 - 4 pm

re-Conference Session for Career Center Leaders/Directors 
(by invitation only - invitations will be sent in mid-February)
Co-facilitators: Susan Brennan, Assistant Dean, Career Development, MIT Sloan School of Management/John Rooney, Director, Graduate Business Career Services, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dam

We're pleased to once again host the pre-conference session for Directors/Career Center Leaders!

You try to be a Patriot and Boston Strong. But sometimes a Dunkin regulah is just not enough to get you through the day. Thank goodness your colleagues are Shipping up to Boston to share experiences around lead-aship and cult-cha change. It’ll be a wicked awesome pah-ty!  Get together and expand your network with other MBA /Masters Career Center leaders for a pre-conference interactive discussion to compare best practices and create new solutions. It’s time to spill the beans!. Through panel discussions and round robin table networking, we’ll bring innovative approaches to leadership issues including reimagining the graduate student experience, leveraging AI to scale impact (and more transformative conversations), and moving beyond one-time partnerships to true ecosystem integration. Today’s career center is the Tom Brady of quarterbacks bridging enrollment, curriculum and outcomes. So, how do we stay at the top of our game? Let’s start a revolution!


3  - 5 pm

New Member Orientation 
Network with other new members while learning more about MBA CSEA! More details coming soon.

Wednesday, June 26

9 - 10:15 am
Spill the Beans Sessions
In Beantown (Boston’s nickname), we will have the unique liberty to Spill the Beans instead of holding back! We will kick off the conference programming with these sessions, which allow conference attendees who share similar roles at their university or company to engage in energetic activities – connecting, asking questions, and sharing ideas and information with like-minded colleagues. Due to positive feedback from last year, follow-up sessions will be offered again this year to continue the discussions on Thursday afternoon. We’ll share grandma’s secret ingredients in Spill the Beans Session 1 and spice them up to win Michelin stars in Spill the Beans Session 2. We hope these sessions will create some new recipes for success!
  • Cool Beans
    Audience: Career Center Team Leaders (CCTL)
    Deans, Directors, Associate Directors, Assistant Directors
    Co-facilitators: Phil Han, Director of Recruiting Operations & Career Avisor, UCLA Anderson School of Management; Mitchell Kam, Director, Career and Employer Development, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University                                                                                                                                                   Navy, pinto, kidney, mung, soy, green, Lima, black, garbanzo, fava. Don’t forget Boston Baked Beans! These are a few of the many cool beans to choose from for your next feast. Like the wide variety in the bean family, career center team leaders roll out their talents in a myriad of areas. What are best practices for working with international students? How can student engagement and employment opportunities be increased? What changes can be made to improve employer development and enhance relationships? How can technology improve some processes? Are the best metrics being utilized to measure success? Join us for an interactive session to discuss these questions and more.
  • Note: This is different than the Directors/Leaders session, which will be a pre-conference session this year by invitation only.
  • Spicing Up Your Beans: How Can Employer Relations Teams Enhance Recruiting Partnerships
    Audience: Employer Relations Professionals
    Co-facilitators: Kevin Stacia and TBD
    Just like there are all varieties of beans, we engage with a diversity of recruiting partners that have differing service preferences. Have the beans on our menu of services and programs become too bland?  What other spices can employer relations professionals add to the pot to more effectively engage with companies interested in recruiting our students?  How does your ER team taste test the effectiveness (flavor) of your recruiting relationships?  This session is designed to share best practices and experiences and generate new recipes to enhance the important partnerships we seek to develop with employers. 
  • Picking the Right Beans: Developing a Talent Pipeline
    Audience: Employers 

    Co-facilitators: Althea Foxx, Campus Manager, University Relations, Eaton; and Jay Brown, Lead College Recruiting Manager, AT&T
    Just as different beans serve different functions, so do the diverse candidates you seek to serve your organizations. Exclusively created for employers, you will have the space to put your heads together. What tools do others use to increase efficiency? How do you measure the ROI on diversity conferences and on-campus engagement? What are the best practices for virtual recruiting? What was something that one school did well which you wish every school would do? What were some ideas that initially seemed odd but worked out beautifully? Share your experiences and ideas with your peers, and inspire each other to generate more!
  • Magic Beans: Challenges and Best Practices for Operations Professionals
    Audience: Operations Professionals

    Co-facilitators: TBC
    This session is for those who break out their magic beans to make every program and event go off without a hitch. You sit in operations-focused roles in Career Services, Employer Relations, or on a Recruiting team. You will have the opportunities to network with other conference attendees while sharing best practices, challenges, and new ideas for improving the operational effectiveness of your team, department, and school.
  • Simmering Beans: Coaching Students in a Changing Global Marketplace
    Audience: Coaches

    Co-facilitators: Paulina Nozka, Career Coach, Career Advancement Centre, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University; Marcia Katz, Director of Career Development, Brandeis International Business School
    Cooked up just for coaches, this session is an opportunity to share your experiences, learn from colleagues from across the country and abroad and come up with some great recipes to take back to your team. In small groups, we will have the opportunity to discuss issues most relevant to our work and collaborate to find solutions to your most burning questions.  Possible discussion topics may cover the raise of AI in recruitment, working with international students, generational learning style differences, assessments, networking, and more…ultimately, the choice is yours. So come ready to spill the beans on what's been working for you, what hasn't been working, and create some delicious recipes to support your students in achieving their career goals and build effective relationships with your team and corporate partners.  

Thursday, June 27

11 am  - 12 pm

Keynote Speaker
Laura Vanderkam, Making Time for What Matters/Clarifying our Priorities

Drawing on the themes from her time management books, Laura talks about how to manage the 168 hours we all have each week to get the most out of your professional and personal life. In addition to sharing her top 7 time management tips, Laura will provide some real-life examples of how individuals can tweak their schedules to put her tips into action.

Laura Vanderkam is the author of several time management and productivity books, including Off the Clock, I Know How She Does It, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, and 168 Hours. Her work has appeared in publications including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Fortune. She is the co-host, with Sarah Hart-Unger, of the podcast Best of Both Worlds. She lives outside Philadelphia with her husband and four children, and blogs at Photo credit: Michael Falco. For more information on this speaker please visit:

Friday, June 28

Coming soon!

Breakout Sessions
pecific dates/times TBA