Global Conference: Board Liaison

The Board Liaison to the Global Conference provides strategic input and oversight to ensure the conference activities are closely aligned with the organization’s goals and priorities. He/she works with the Conference Co-chairs and Executive Director to make sure the Conference Policies, roles, and responsibilities are followed and manages board involvement in the conference as needed - including action items that are listed in these SOP's, as well as additional times when the board's input would be helpful, such as when a significant change is suggested that will affect the strategic priorities. 


  • Co-manage the conference site selection process along with the Executive Director. 
  • Along with the Executive Director, select the Conference Co-Chairs.
  • Provide insight into high level decisions as needed, including situations that have long term impact on the organization such as exceptions made to Conference Policies and changes to the Sponsor Menu or payment policies.
  • Serve as communications liaison between the board and the Conference Committee.
    • Communicate board and organizational goals to conference co-chairs and committees and work with the Executive Director and committee members to ensure they are carried through in all conference planning.
    • Obtain board approval for conference items as needed, including the conference budget and sponsor menu.
    • Communicate with the committee regarding ideas or suggestions affecting the conference that are brought up during board meetings.
    • Present the board with regular updates about the conference. Brief committee reports are provided verbally during monthly calls. More in-depth updates (one page maximum in length) are provided in writing before each in-person board meeting. 
  • Along with the Conference Chairs and Executive Director, make sure Conference Policies are followed.
  • Participate in regular leadership meetings with the Executive Director and Conference Co-Chairs to ensure open communication between the Committee and the Board.
  • Approve the keynote and plenary speakers, along with the Executive Director. 
  • Reach out to breakout session presenters when they are vendors as co-presenters to make sure they understand the Conference Policies relating to vendors.