Global Conference: Connections

MBA CSEA utilizes the services of Connections Housing, an event planning company that assists with site selection and ongoing communication with the hotel, both pre-event and on-site to ensure a positive experience for the hotel and MBA CSEA. 


  • Initiate adjustments or addendums needed to conference hotel contract. Work with the Executive Director to approve all changes.
  • Facilitate hotel reservation process. Establish a web link to add to the conference web site for individuals to book their rooms within the block. If needed, liaise with attendees to assist with their hotel bookings.
    • Oversee room reservations to ensure there is a stay-through pattern available to guests in order to maximize pickup and thus groups’ concessions.
    • Monitor pickup to ensure group does not fall into an attrition situation. Provide the Executive Director with regular updates about pickup.
    • Create marketing campaigns to those “registered, no hotel” to encourage them to book within the block.
    • Should group fulfill their block, or if conference hotel cannot extend cutoff, coordinate an overflow hotel option for late registrations requiring housing as needed.
  • Work with the hotel to ensure conference policies are followed with regards to employers and vendors hosting outside events.
  • Serve as primary liaison to the hotel regarding food and beverage selections, room selections and A/V needs. Along with the Executive Director, select food and beverage menu.
  • Obtain the following information from the hotel well in advance, to assist with planning:
    • Full layout of the Exhibit Hall, including space allocated for tables. Note: an 8 x 8 foot area is required for each exhibitor.
    • Food and beverage menus
    • A/V prices
    • Information needed for signage, including easel size and quantity and digital signage specs (including word count for each session display).
    • Shipping information
  • Participate on Committee Conference calls as needed (most critical at the beginning of the conference planning, and in the spring when efforts ramp up).
  • Coordinate on or off-site A/V vendor.
  • Coordinate and help approve hotel billing.
  • Negotiate food and beverage and A/V costs with hotel to maximize MBA CSEA budget.
  • Schedule on-site meetings with the hotel, including walk-through and pre-conference meeting with Connections and the Executive Director.
  • Along with the Executive Director, review overall conference schedule to ensure the best utilization of time and space.
  • Along with the Executive Director, review the banquet event order (BEO) for accuracy.
  • Remind hotel not to throw away any items from the vendor hall (or leftover conference items) - also address in pre-con.


  • Assist with review of hotel contracts (BEO’s, etc.).
  • Attend hotel Pre-Conference meeting, Committee meetings, and participates in walk-throughs.
  • Assist exhibitors and presenters with room set-up.
  • Verify rooms and A/V are set-up as instructed, including working closely with Program Committee to perform walk through with all keynote speakers including stage set up and audio visual testing
  • Assist with check-in process.
  • Monitor food and beverage at events.
  • Obtain head counts for all food functions.
  • Assist with A/V checks for speakers as needed.
  • Assist A/V team in main ballroom with music cues.
  • Move easels from room to room for sponsor signage, as needed.
  • Distribute flip charts and wireless clickers to rooms as needed.
  • Initiate chimes to serve as a warning five minutes before each session (note: the hotel will sometimes do this on our behalf).
  • Obtain head counts from the hotel for plenary sessions, including Opening Reception, breakfasts and lunches. 

Post-event assistance

  • Review final hotel bill for accuracy.
  • Obtain final hotel room pickup report and provide it to the Executive Director.
  • Provide head counts for plenary sessions to the Executive Director for historical tracking.