Global Conference: Local Arrangements Conference Hotel

To maintain consistency from year-to-year and utilize institutional knowledge that's essential to managing the complex arrangements related to the hotel, MBA CSEA utilizes the services of Connections Housing and the expertise of the Executive Director to manage the relationship with the hotel and handle hotel-related responsibilities. The Local Arrangements Committee assists by providing input as needed to ensure the local landscape is taken into consideration. 

  • Review the draft food and beverage selections to make suggestions related to local food, as needed and feasible. Note that the menus are selected based on a variety of factors, including budget, availability of items, meeting the needs of a diverse membership, and dietary restrictions. 
  • Plan entertainment for the Opening Reception, if used.
    • Entertainment is typically low key and consists of a small band or other musical ensemble. Attendees use the Opening Reception as a chance to catch up and meet new people, and the environment should facilitate conversation. Neither announcements nor formal activities are used at the reception based on feedback that it distracts from the casual networking. 
    • Provide the Executive Director with a list of entertainment options narrowed down by the committee for approval. Once approved, the committee will obtain a draft contract from the entertainer. The ED will then manage the logistics between the entertainer(s) and the hotel. A member of the Local Arrangements Committee will serve as an on-site liaison if needed, with the ED maintaining primary contact due to the contractual nature of the arrangement.