Global Conference: Local Arrangements Conference Hotel

  • Provide the Executive Director and Connections with suggestions for the food and beverage selection for meals at the conference hotel. The process for the hotel food and beverage selection is as follows:
    1. The Local Arrangements Committee provides suggested menu selections based on any themed events or local favorites (for example, the Opening Reception may have a theme that lends itself to a certain menu).  
    2. The Conference Co-Chair that is working with the Local Arrangements committee provides additional suggestions or edits.
    3. The Executive Director and Connections review the suggestions and make changes as needed in order to meet budget needs and confirm guaranteed numbers based on previous history and experience. The committee will be notified of any substantial changes to the menu.
    4. Connections communicates the selections with the hotel and manages all related communications.
  • Plan entertainment and engagement for non-programming activities, including:
    1. Opening Reception – procure tickets for drinks (check with Connections to see if these are provided by the hotel), arrange entertainment and activities, if used. Secure decorations, if used. Check with Connections to see what, if any, decorations are provided by the hotel first. 
    2. On-site networking opportunities - work with the ED and Connections to secure a room at the hotel (if available) for additional social or networking opportunities, as desired. Organize events and provide details for the conference web site and printed program. 
    3. AM Fitness - coordinate opportunities for attendees to meet informally for fitness activities, such as running, classes provided at the hotel gym, etc. Note formal fitness activities with instructors are not coordinated by the committee. Attendees are encouraged to meet on their own. 
  • Co-Chair(s) or committee members local to the venue could potentially visit the hotel to see the space for the Opening Reception to assist with planning that event. All hotel visits and agendas should be coordinated through Connections.
  • Note: Connections is the primary liaison to the hotel, and will obtain all items needed from the hotel as well as conduct all hotel-related communications.