Global Conference: Local Arrangements On-site

The Executive Director and Connections Housing are the only contacts for on-site communications with the hotel. The ensures we remain in a positive position to be able to negotiate our requests and needs from a holistic point of view. It also minimizes confusion and conflicting requests, which helps maintain a positive relationship with the hotel. All questions and requests from the committee should go directly to the Executive Director.

Local Arrangements Committee On-site Responsibilities

  • Manage volunteers for local arrangements activities, such as dine-arounds (if used), gala, etc. 
    • Dine-arounds (or other off-site networking activities)
      • If sign-ups are used, they wil be placed in the registration area. Volunteers should pay attention to the lists periodically to make sure the number of people signed up for the reservations is the same as the number of reservations and manage any other issues.
      • Call the venues the day of to confirm the reservations, if applicable. 
      • Coordinate the attendee meet-ups in the lobby. For dine-arounds, ideally there would be one volunteer for each restaurant who can hold a sign to help participants find their group and then show them how to find the restaurant. 
    • Gala 
      • Help people find the buses and assist with loading at the beginning of the event and unloading at the end. 
      • Collect tickets at the door.
      • Depending on the venue, there may be additional volunteer needs. Check with the ED to confirm.
    • Obtain head counts for all local arrangements activities and provide them to the ED after the event.
    • Note that the ED and Event Manager are the only people who can provide instructions to and make requests of the hotel staff and gala venue during the conference. This helps streamline decisions and minimize confusion.